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by Physio Adelaide on August 22, 2011

Conference Tips | Presenters

Create a master list of possible presenters no less than 12 months prior to the conference remembering the number of presenters that require full support, in particular from far off locations. Presenters who are able to take care of some or all of their own personal costs are specially important.
Keep tight control over the process of presenter selection and of communications with presenters to help reduce risks of obtaining too many speakers or over lapped speakers; decide on keynote presenter but have in mind a last minute back-up key note speaker
Seek a good balance between very popular speakers and others with out wider reputation but who’ve considerable field experience related to the conference objective; seek an appropriate balance according to gender, minority and non minority, developed less developed country of origin, and student nonstudent status.
Many initial invites are going to be through individual contacts and through telephone however the follow-ups ought to be created using written invites. These should include: date, time and if advised, other panelists at the time of speaker’s intervention; obtain a quite short biography and verified contact information (with specified due date); query as to any special Audio visual needs; request for PowerPoint slides 7 days in advance of conference; agreed upon terms of support of presenter (lodging, meals, registration, travel, etc.) and reimbursement procedures (eg, are invoices needed, will a fixed amount be paid, and advise speakers of the plans to publish PowerPoint files on internet. Some speakers might possibly cover their own costs and, if they are capable, they ought to be invited to do so!
Obtain speaker bios and contact information with plenty of forethought; provide deadline for his or her presentation;  anticipate to write and submit for review biosketches prepared from much longer submissions by presenters
Formally thank presenters at the end of conference and arrange for thank you letters by suitable person to invited speakers following your conference. Consider making small speaker gifts.
Consider assigning key conference preparing people to be special contacts for speakers during the conference
Put speakers’ PowerPoint presentations on the master disk or computer so that presentations flow efficiently. Test functioning of equipment and electronic presentations beforehand.

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