Linkfast Touch Tapes water proof joiners

by Physio Adelaide on July 7, 2011

Linkfast Touch Tape

Hook & Loop (typically referred to as Touch Tape) is a form of temporary fastener comprising of a pair of layers: the ‘hook’ aspect and the ‘loop’ side. When clicked together, the hook aspect latches the loop keeping both layers together.  The layers can easily be separated but is extremely difficult when force is applied parallel towards the plane from the fastener (also known as lateral tensile strength or shear strength).

 Touch Tape’s qualities include things like:
    Short term bond that may re-attach often
    Increased strength when the force is parallel to the plane from the fastener
    Bond is water proof
    No Maintenance required

    Used substantially in clothing replacing zip fasteners and buttons (sportswear, bags, netball bibs)
    Footwear replacing laces
    Cable ties, straps, watch bands
    Fixing trim to cars and trucks
    Cushioning for bike headwear
    Attaching posters and indicators, conferences and displays
    Securer for orthopaedic braces, back braces & other healthcare support
    Straps in camping out goods
    Replace zips in water resistant pockets and hand bags
    Attaching detachable material covers, backing, liners to home furniture
    Furniture and Drapes
    Watch bands and straps

For more information on Linkfast Hook and Loop Touch tapes contact Linkron on (03) 9763 1111



We are pleased to provide this information, however you should ensure you consult the appropriate professional for the services you seek. 

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