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by Physio Adelaide on June 1, 2011

Have you ever   wondered how a solar panel operates ? Without a doubt, it can really be impressive just to think the way a product that you installed on top of the roof can   create electrical power in order to run the house kitchen appliances and apparatus which you have in your house or business office

For people that want to know how solar panel operates, actually these equipment (blank) solar electric panels generate solar energy, which is also generally known as photovoltaic power or PV. Basically, PV cells are built from silicon materials. Such materials in turn are made of sand that is manufactured into computer chips also known as semi-conductors.

The sun’s rays  are absorbed by the photovoltaic panels, and into a PN junction in which that the solar power is transformed into electrical energy. This PN junction is really where negative and positive electons work to generate the electric field.

 Once the much needed power is created by the solar electric panels, the electricity is transported in electrical cabling throughout the house. Essentially, the electricity is initially a DC kind of power, but as homes in Australia run on AC, all the DC power will be transferred to an inverter in order for it to be transformed into AC. This converted power is now able to provide electricity

 The extra power that solar electric panels capture is stored in substantial battery power systems meant to gather such power. They are usually found in protected exterior regions of the homes.   For all those residential and business owners who have great dependence on electrical power, you’ll find batteries which are capable of holding power that can be utilized aas required.

So for those who might ask “how does solar panel work” It could be quite tricky to know how solar does work, especially for the technologically challenged individual. But as long as one is able to purchase his solar electric panels, it can be quite easy to install them on the roof, considering the instruction that comes with the unit. Alternaitvely  you can let a professional do the job of installing of your solar power unit for you.

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