Using limestone as a building product

by Physio Adelaide on May 30, 2011

Natural Limestone and Bath room Makeovers
If you cannot bear with the look and feel of the bath room, and you have to remodel it, glance at the elegance of limestone.

If you are intending a Do It Yourself bath room restoration  we highly recommend you familiarise yourself the types of materials and equipment required and portion of that is to consider limestone as a natural feature in your brand new bath room

If you are uncomfortable installing natural stone you could possibly think about using a builder or contractor for that area of the job to ensure you get an optimal result.

When remodeling your bathroom also consider that some fixtures will not be changed without a major re-construction.
Another important thing to bear in mind is that on the subject of style be sure to coordinate with all the elements inside your bathroom, which of course includes the sink, the floor, wall, lavatory etc.

Prior to starting to modernize your bathroom it is very important that you consider what actually appearance you wish.
At first if you are undecided with the design you may turn out hating the design, and it could be very difficult and costly to switch it later without  starting another restoration.

Furthermore think about products that you’d like to use, including colour, texture and style. Keep mind, that quite a few building materials such as wood is easily wrecked if exposed to moisture if not prepared appropriately in advance . The most beneficial materials for a bath room is a natural stone like limestone .

There are several styles of natural stone including slate, granite, sandstone, marble, travertine, and natural limestone. Each of these natural stones have their own properties and appearance, and this can be affected on how they are finished and cut.

The colour in natural stone warrants some interest too, as colour is among the more important factors in making a mood within the bathroom. Lighter colours are very common as this colour helps make the room look and feel fresh and large. While more dark colours can produce a comforting mood or atmosphere .

Using a natural limestone is among the better choices for bathroom design; Natural limestone features a natural beauty and style so that it is timeless in terms of design.

All of us want our bathrooms to be well furnished from the practical and style perspective and it should also be comfortable.

Natural limestone can also be used through the entire home to create a natural earthy look and feel of sophistication  

For more information on Bruhn Limestone building products, contact Bruhn Limestone on (08) 8725 5333 or visit the Bruhn Limestone website

We are pleased to provide this information, however you should ensure you consult the appropriate professional for the services you seek. 

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