Pt Lincoln is a charming holiday location

by Physio Adelaide on May 24, 2011

Port Lincoln is a seaside town on the southern shoreline of Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.
It’s the primary township in the region  and home to a sizable and flourishing tuna fishing fleet.
Agriculture is also a key contributor to the region. Both of these primary industries undeer-pin the town to success.

A trip the region suggests that you will need to learn more about Port Lincoln’s holiday accommodation choices.
Even though it may be the largest community in the region Pt Lincoln is still comparatively small which decreases your holiday accommodation selections.

The main reason why the region has seen more tourists coming is due to the natural charm of the Eyre Peninsula coast.
Pt Lincoln is within comfortable driving distance of the many national parks on the peninsula so you can look at the fauna in their natural habitat.

Being a seaside town, among the most popular activities involve the sea. Surfing, diving, swimming, and fishing are all available here but you will also have the opportunity to explore the rugged cliffs and the natural splendor round the town.

When people visit Australia they might have a number of things that they wish to see or do which are viewed as being typically Aussie.
Lots of these are with certain animals and a trip to just the Glen Forest Tourist Park means you’ll be able to meet koalas, see kangaroos and view wombats. If you’re more ambitious you could go swimming in the cage with great white sharks.

For eating out you don’t perhaps have the same variety of cuisine to choose from in larger towns but what you do get tend to be fresh ingredients due to a lot being grown in the actual area.
You should really of course benefit from the fact that the area is the hub of the fishing industry by tasting the seafoods as you know it’s totally fresh right out of your sea.

You may as well look at a lot of lifestyle of the spot through various galleries and museums that look at not only the peninsula but the country overall. They let you know the tale of the way the location grew through various industries together with how it was first discovered and explored around the year 1801.

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