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by Physio Adelaide on May 24, 2011

Just what Residential Structure Inspection?
A residential building inspection or home inspection is really a complete and professional visual study of the systems and structure of a home by a qualified building inspector.
 The main purpose of which would be to identify existing and potential problems that may affect a buyer’s decision.

Do I Require a Home Inspection?
Buying a home is the costliest purchase you will make. It makes sense therefore that you have a potential purchase be inspected first which means you know everything concerning the it. It could be a house, condominium or town house, you need an inspection to successfully avoid surprise repairs and problems that may arise when you purchase. If you are the seller, you need an inspector to make sure that what you’re selling is up to spec, and to avoid complaints from your buyer further on up the road about issues that have arisen.

What Does An Inspection Include?
Inspections usually cover all major systems and structural elements of the home. Including, though not limited to, the health of a home’s cooling and heating systems, plumbing and electrical systems, the rooftop, the foundation, insulation, walls, doors, attic, windows and all sorts of visible structures.

Must i Be Present During An Inspection?
You aren’t necessary to attend and inspection, though you’re recommended to visit. This way, you can see for yourself what the inspector has found. Rather than being surprised with a certain problem that you simply don’t grasp, if you’re present during the inspection, the inspector can show you what’s wrong, what needs to be done, etc.

How Long Does An Inspection Take?
With respect to the size and condition of a home, usually a 2 bedroom condo or town house takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. For single family homes, 3 hours is the norm. Obviously, the bigger a home is, and also the poorer condition it is in, the longer an inspection would take.

Can one Do The Evaluation Myself?
You are able to, but even if you have knowledge about home construction, chances are you still don’t have the complete knowledge needed to do an inspection by yourself. Home inspectors undergo special training and also have to pass through a certification test. If you don’t are a certified building inspector, better leave the inspection to the professionals.

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